What is Purewealth limited?

Purewealthlimited is the most efficient bitcoin cloud mining company offering the most cost effective Bitcoin cryptocurrency cloud mining services to our users.


We simply aim to be the most efficient bitcoin cloud mining company. Only efficiency and scale will allow us to thrive in increasingly competitive Bitcoin mining business and offer our users the most profitable services.

Transparency & Security

The company follows the principles of transparency and security, we ensure efficient operation of mining operation and accurate and timely payment disbursements. We depend on our customers’ success.


As we see it, advancement is the most essential thing that helps both the organization and its clients to prosper, consequently, the heft of the returns is put into further improvement of efficiency of our operations – driving the costs down and mining efficiency up.


We aim to be the most user friendly as well as cost effective bitcoin cloud mining company. We offer to our clients a transparent and hassle-free bitoin mining option at competetive.


We mostly use miners produced by leading mining hardware producer - Bitmain™. All miners come with manufacturer's warranty and can be quickly repaired or replaced if needed. Due to the fact that we use large number of miners we can get the best possible prices of mining equipment, which would be impossible to get for small scale or individual miners. We can offer ~99% uptime of our mining equipment.


Due to scale of our operations we can get electricity for the cheapest industrial price from electricity producers and providers. Since electricity cost is the highest operational expense we pass electricity cost savings to you and ensure the most cost efficient operating model is used. We offer probably the lowest maintenance fee in the bitcoin mining cloud market.


Each of our clients is equally important, regardless of whether it has the smallest or largest plan. For every customer, we try to provide as soon as possible with email support, telephone and social networking support. As a result, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to respond as quickly as possible to all customer-related questions.


To create not only the largest, but also the safest mine of crypto currencies in Lithuania, we have developed a number of security requirements for us, some of them:

  • There is no other activity in the mine area
  • Facilities and area monitored and guarded 24/7,
  • A high-level ventilation system that ensures that there is no overheating of the equipment
  • Access to internal premises is organized from the security post


Current revenue from Silver plan is*:

Estimated breakeven in 4 months in current market conditions


per week


per month

*It is a profitability estimate based on the current market conditions but is neither a promise of guaranteed return nor investment advice. Market conditions are highly volatile and change constantly, because of changing mining difficulty, price of bitcoin and other factors.

Bitcoin Mining Plans

Estimated return on investment is about 8 months based on current market conditions. However it constantly changes due to the fact that price of Bitcoin is constantly fluctuating and scale of Bitcoin mining operations are fluctuating as well.



0.0005 BTC


Single Installment

Withdrawal per Day

Instant Withdrawal

Guarantee profits

1 year Contract



0.2 BTC


Single Installment

Withdrawal per Day

Instant Withdrawal

Guarantee profits

1 year Contract



0.5 BTC


Single Installment

Withdrawal per Day

Instant Withdrawal

Guarantee profits

1 year Contract


All plans have only one - Maintenance Fee, which is 0.1 $ for 1 TH/s . So if you have a plan with 1 TH/s. This is probably the lowest maintenance fee in the market keeping mining profitable even in the most difficult market conditions.

What is the best time to start Bitcoin mining?

The best time was 10 years ago or 5 years ago, or a year ago, but if you could not do it then - now is still the second best option. There is a simple reason why scale of bitcoin mining operations is constantly increasing and the reason is profit. Profit attracts increasing number of individuals and businesses to this business niche. Number of Bitcoins that are mined per day is hardcoded into Bitcoin code and is decreasing, this means that this lucrative opportunity will not stay there for long. Number of bitcoins mined daily at the moment is ~18,000 Bitcoins, but this number will be halved after some time, and then halved again later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most common inquiries

Bitcoin is a first virtual currency that uses blockchain to regulate transactions. It is decentralized and independent from banks. Bitcoin is the most widely known and used cryptocurrency in the world utilized in most of the countries worldwide.

Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin's public ledger of past transactions or blockchain. This ledger of past transactions is called the block chain as it is a chain of blocks. The block chain serves to confirm transactions to the rest of the network as having taken place. Miners keep the bitcoin infrastructure functioning and decentralized and enable transactions to be made by users. For this miners are rewarded by certain amount of bitcoin mined each day.

Cloud mining is having another company do the mining for you instead of using your own hardware equipment for mining.

While it was possible and profitable to mine cryptocurrencies using individual PCs at the start of crypto-revolution, it is not a viable option any more. In order to mine profitably you have to: order specialized mining hardware, have an access to cheap source of electricity, install specialized software, signup to be a part of a mining pool, and ensure proper cooling and supervision of equipment. Therefore many investors into cryptocurrency mining prefer to outsource this work to specialized companies for a fraction of Bitcoins mined.

Bitcoin mining vs cloud Bitcoin mining can be best understood as using your own computer as a server for your site vs using virtual hosting services. While it is possible to host a site on your own PC with some IT skills and time dedicated to it, most of the individuals and companies decide to use virtual hosting companies that specialize in it, have their own servers and can ensure 99.9% uptime. It is just so much easier and very often much more reliable and more cost effective.

Crypto currency speculation requires a lot of knowledge, skills, time and emotional preparation in order to be successful. You have to understand blockchain technology, cryptocurrency ecosystem and follow relevant news closely - since any regulation, deregulation, adoption speed, hacks and even rumors affect price of cryptocurrencies significantly. Cryptocurrency mining, on the other hand, allows you to get a more constant, positive flow of cryptocurrency revenue after initial investment.

We set the bar high in terms of operational and business efficiency. Due to effective organization and scale we can offer on of the most cost efficient virtual Bitcoin mining services in Europe and the world. This means that you will keep the most of the profits made from Bitcoin mining. We focus on one thing – mining the most popular and liquid cryptocurrency in the market.

We make investment in cryptocurrencies simple – you will not have to purchase and maintain sophisticated mining hardware and it is unlikely that you will be able to get better electricity prices than us.

We make Bitcoin mining democratic. While high-net-worth private investors invested billions in large scale mining operations in US, Iceland and China in order to multiply their wealth fast, you can start profiting from mining with much smaller initial investment and no technical expertise.

The repayment depends on several factors: the market price of Bitcoin, worldwide scale and difficulty of mining which is constantly changing. Number of bitcoins mined daily at the moment is about ~18 000 Bitcoins, but this figure will be gradually decreasing with time. It is not possible to set a certain period during which you will recoup the invested amount. This business model creates an advantage only in the long run. Based on preliminary estimates, on the basis of current prices and conditions, the repayment period is about 8 months, however it is constantly changing.

All payouts are done in Bitcoin (BTC) crypto currency after clicking on Transfer button in the Dashboard section of the user log in website. You can monitor the payout process in the Activity section. The payment will be sent to your registered BTC wallet. If no wallet has been created yet, you may do so by going to the Wallet section.

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